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About ClipDrop

Your ultimate ally in the realm of recruitment, where seamless video interviews meet unparalleled efficiency, empowering Recruiters, Hiring Managers & HR Teams with a comprehensive toolkit for sourcing, assessing, and connecting with top talent.


Our History & Who We Are

A Journey Back to Human-Centricity

Our Objectives

Enhancing Human Connections

Humanising recruitment

Harnesses the full potential of video in recruitment, enabling recruiters to captivate and inform candidates, facilitating well-informed hiring decisions.

Attract & engage with multi-purpose video software

ClipDrop maximises all the ways that video can be used in the recruitment process. Use the magic of video to support candidates making informed hiring decisions.

Easy-to-use software with several tools and benefits

Discover an intuitive solution for enhancing candidate interactions and extending your client base. Elevate your brand and expand your business through the power of video marketing

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