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One-way video interview software is a more efficient way of conducting interviews, and that is why you should consider using it and why we wrote this article. Below are 5 benefits of using ClipDrop video interview software for recruitment, but first let’s put it into context.

With ClipDrop video interview software, your recruitment team can take advantage of advanced video software, they can source the perfect candidate using the candidate out-reach feature, create content, market and automate the interviewing process, saving your company valuable time and resources.

What is video interviewing software?

Video interviewing software allows recruiters to interview potential candidates from multiple locations. The post-pandemic future of work created a globalized workforce, and companies and organizations now have the opportunity to expand their reach across the globe.

Video interviewing software allows recruiters to screen and evaluate their candidates, similar to the way they would invite candidates to the office for an interview, just in a more efficient way.

According to Vidyard’s State of Video 2022 Report, almost 70% of participants stated that video content converts better than all the other forms of content.

How does video interview software work?

Video interview software allows recruiters to automate the candidates’ screening process. This means that instead of wasting time trying to find a time that works for both you and the candidate to schedule short screening interviews, you can set up an automated video screening interview.

You can upload a video of relevant questions directly onto the platform, giving your candidate the experience of the human touch. Even though technology may be at the forefront of video interview software, we all like to feel connected to another human, instead of a robot. Your candidate will then reply with an answer and you can set a timer for each question, depending on the amount of detail you would like in their response.

Your candidate can respond at a time that is most convenient for them, without the limitation of having to fit in screenings during your business hours.

5 reasons why you should use ClipDrop video interview software

1. Say goodbye to scheduling woes
As previously mentioned, one-way interviews allow both parties to choose a time that is most convenient for them. This is a game-changer as sometimes candidates are currently employed and they don’t necessarily have time during business hours to book a screening. In some cases, candidates make time during their lunch hour, but that adds an extra layer of anxiety and stress as they may be worried about time constraints, resulting in them not being 100% present in the interview.

2. Go global!
You no longer have to rely on local talent to get the job done. The pandemic shifted us into a globalized market and your company can be a part of that. Instead of simply settling for a candidate, you can find the ideal candidate who might be sitting on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

3. Target the ideal candidate
On the note of the ideal candidate, you can reach the candidate that would be the most suitable for your vacancy. With ClipDrop’s candidate outreach feature, you can send a personalized video message to a potential candidate.

4. Streamline your process
Instead of spending extended periods calling or emailing 20 candidates individually, you can speed up the process by bulk sending a generic video message to multiple potential candidates.

5. Sync up your team
Recruiting is not a one-person task. There are multiple moving parts and the process usually requires the input of the talent acquisition party and the manager of each department and in some cases, even the c-level executives. In this case, screening and interview recordings can simply be forwarded to the relevant parties before moving forward in the process.


Video is the best content performer in terms of driving conversions. Not only will you see your numbers increase by including video in your interview process, but you will also see increased productivity in your recruitment team.

Video interview also has the added benefit of accessibility. People with physical disabilities, social anxiety or any other mental health disorders can benefit from video interview software like ClipDrop.

Now you are beginning to understand why you should use one-way video interview software. To find out more about ClipDrop’s return on investment (ROI).